Creating the story

As the world transitions to clean energy, are Canadian companies ready?

Change happens, with or without us. But while some Canadian companies are finding success in clean solutions, others, notably in Canada’s oil patch, are at risk of falling behind. Canada should look to where the world is headed. In key areas, our country has room to grow and innovate. At the same time, there are numerous Canadian companies that are thriving and showing us the way forward.

The Carbon Clean 200

Wind Power

The Danish offshore industry is busy shifting over from oil and gas to offshore wind. Ten thousand wind turbines are planned to be installed in the North Sea in the years ahead. The port of Esbjerg is well-positioned in relation to Denmark’s wind energy industry companies, most of which are concentrated in the western and southwestern region of the country.

In recent years, some of the many local offshore companies and energy companies have succeeded in putting their know-how to use in the offshore wind industry, while continuing their oil and gas activities.

Wind Power